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Do you like to accept a challenge – challenge of finding a baby name? Actually it’s little bit hard work to find a name that you love. And finding something that both you and your partner like can be even trickier. But from Sinhala Names, we’ll make your life easy. Do you want to pick a unique and modern Sinhala baby name? Then check out Sinhala Names collection to grab a meaningful Sinhala baby name for your baby girl or for your baby boy.

And here, you can explore the baby name selection tips, learn baby names’ meanings in Sinhala and get ideas for unique boy and girl baby names. And you should keep in mind, that you can’t find a perfect name by one effort. You have to spend some time. But actually it’s a funny work too.

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As the first step of finding a baby name, it’s better if you will do a small research. After that, you and your partner should come up with suggestions. It’s better to have a column for girls and another column for boys. Here you should keep some spaces for ticks or crosses next to each of them. And then you should go down the list marking your likes and dislikes. To have a better result, get your partner to do the same. Here, both of you should consider about the initials of your chosen name with your surname.

And also, you should consider about the impact of name to your baby’s personality and his/her future. Also, you should think about the meaning of your chosen baby names and the rhyme of the names also. Sometimes, you may have to argue with your partner. But finally, you should select a name that both of you love. Because that’s your baby. So, while keeping these few tips in your mind and check out our Sinhala names collection.

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