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We know that every year, more than 100 million babies will be born on earth. And those babies who survive will sooner or later undergo the initiation process of receiving a name. Therefore, when choosing a name, it’s so important to go with meaning of names. Actually, we can find a difference from one culture to another in how elders give names to their babies. Some cultures are following very definite and specific rules, when giving a name. And some babies are getting their names from totems and family trees of their parents. We can see that way in cultures with a keen sense of ancestry mainly.

However, choosing a name is very responsible thing of any parents. And also they should concern about the meaning of names. As Sri Lankan parents, hope you love to have some meaningful Sinhala baby names.

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As mentioned above, there are several ways that people are taking names. Some parents are taking names from event which happen during the pregnancy or shortly after the birth of the child. And in some other cultures, people take names through magic and incantation. However in Sri Lanka, as majority of them are Buddhist, they are considering the auspicious letter at the child’s birth to put a name. However, in this modern world, some people are changing their names when they grow up and they are adjusting their names matched with the industry they are in.

But just think one second. Why do we worry about the meaning of names? Because the name holds the power to shape a child’s self-esteem and his/her identity. Not only that it influences how he’s / she’s seen and treated by others. Therefore, choosing a perfect name is a greater responsibility than having the baby. Because the name that you’ll give to your baby will affect everything from a child’s self-confidence to his/her grades in school and his/her future professional success. Therefore, we thought to share some of Sinhala baby names with meaning. Find out the meaning of names that you can choose the perfect Sinhala Baby Name for your unborn baby or new born baby. And don’t forget that “your Baby’s name defines your baby and it’s your baby brand, really, for the rest of your baby’s life”.

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