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We know that some Sri Lankan parents have their baby’s name picked out before their child is even conceived, while others wait until after their baby birth. And some are about to discharge from the hospital also. And sometimes, you can see there are many websites that are promising to give perfect baby names. Instead of thumbing through numerous websites that promise to be the definitive collection, try our slightly different baby name collection.

Actually, finding the perfect baby names is a tricky thing. You will have just so many to choose from. And even when you’re narrowing it down, there are plenty of pitfalls you could easily fall into. Therefore, we thought to help you to avoid the most common naming mistakes parents make. Let’s see what they are.

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One of main thing that you should do is trying to avoid choosing a name that rhymes with, or is too similar to, your surname. And then you should check your baby’s initials don’t spell out an unfortunate word. Because it will harm to your baby’s personality in future. Some of our parents prefer not to choose a name that’s already in popular. So, if you are such a parent, then try to avoid the popular names.

And you should try not to choose baby names that are too similar to those you chose for older siblings. Bear in mind that your pretty angel will become an adult one day. You can’t imagine this when your duaghter/son is a new-born. But keep in mind that names that are cute for a tiny angel can sound ridiculous for a grown-up. Therefore, you should think about that. However, here you can find the attractive, beautiful and meaningful Sinhala Baby Names that are perfect for your newly born or unborn baby girl or to baby boy.

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