Baby Names Sinhala

Baby Names Sinhala


If you are a parent who is awaiting to welcome your new baby, then definitely you are sifting lists of baby names to find that perfect selection for him/her. As Sri Lankans, I’m sure that you tend to look for baby names Sinhala that bear a special meaning to them, either by culture, event or an experience.

But today, most of our new age mothers and fathers are thinking outside the square for their latest baby son or baby daughter. Some of them are looking for celebrities’ names. However, here we are going to discuss more about baby names. And also, you can find meaningful and beautiful Baby Names Sinhala for your new arrival baby boy and to your baby girl.


Baby Names Sinhala – More

Actually, when choosing your baby’s name, there are a million things to consider. And it is hard to confirm your final name as by your own decision. It is much better that if you will involve yourself, your partner and your family in order to come to an agreement with together. Because some unwanted areas can be seen by them. However, there are some popular ideas for consideration in Baby Names Sinhala, nowadays. They are;

  • Need to match your selected name with your last name (What is going to go well with?).
  • Adding your partner’s middle name or your own to your child’s name.
  • Importance of adding a name of your family member.
  • Sri Lankan television or film stars
  • Names of your admirable persons – A family member, sporting great or other notable figure.
  • If you had any Sri Lankan geographical location that you or your partner may have a soft spot for, then you can consider that also.

But however, you should keep in mind that there are two different types of baby names, mainly. They are trendy baby names and unique baby names. Sometimes, you may think that there is no huge departure between these two. But you are wrong. It has a difference. Normally trendy names are leading to baby naming regret when the trend dies off. And unique baby name will stand the test of time. Therefore, my advice is for not going behind trends. Instead of that, try to find out unique baby names Sinhala.

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