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Some can think that choosing a baby name is a very simple thing. But actually it’s not like that. There’s a lot of pressure in that. Because, the name that you are going to choose is the first thing people learn about your child. And don’t forget that chosen name will be a part of his/her for the rest of his/her life. Therefore, by this collection of babata namak, we thought to assist this task and make your life easy.

But keep in mind, even the naming your baby is a daunting process, actually it’s an interesting and funny experience. Do you know that some couples are discussing and researching and arguing about the name? And also some parents-to-be just hear a name and find they both love the sound. Actually there are many ways to choose a perfect name and here babata namak will share some tips for that.

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Even you find various beautiful name, agreeing on the perfect baby name can be a challenge. But if you’re a pregnant lady or if your wife is pregnant, then you have to face this. Do you know that finding a name you truly love is a challenge in itself and finding one your partner also feels is ‘the one’ can take the challenge to a whole new level?

However, let’s see some tips that help you to find a perfect name for your baby.

  1. You should make a list of names.
  2. You should give it some time – It’s better to take a step back and put the discussion on ice, if a name you both agree on does not present itself after a lengthy discussion/s.
  3. Then you should have last resorts if you will have 02 beautiful names and can’t decide between the two. There are some options for that.

-Take turns; you can pick one name as a first name and the other name as the middle name of your baby. But here be sure to try both ways round. Because one will simply flow much more nicely as often.

-Toss a coin; if you can’t take a decision on, then leave it to fate to make the last decision.

-Wait and see until your baby will come. When parents will see their baby, then they can decide the right name.


See there are several tips that you can practice to find the perfect name for your baby and these tips will help you to make decisions. However, here Babata Namak shares many beautiful and meaningful Sinhala Baby Boy Names and Sinhala Baby Girl Names.

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