Babata Namak Sinhala

Babata Namak Sinhala

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We know that all parents to be have one innocent dream. That is coming home from the hospital with a cute baby. And we know that you will care of a helpless little baby well. Among them, naming your baby is also one of most important task. As Sri Lankans, we hope that you are eager to have Sinhala baby names. Therefore, our Babata Namak Sinhala collection will share many unique, beautiful as well as meaningful names.

In early days, our people used to find a Babata Namak Sinhala from the monks, Weda Mahaththaya or any other respectable person in the village. Majority of Sri Lankans are Buddhist. So they are believing on the horoscopes and auspicious time of birth. Therefore, majority of them were used to select a name based on them. But today, the society and people’s attitudes have changed.

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Today, majority of Sri Lankans tend to use the internet. And they have busy lifestyles. So they want to find a good name quickly. But still they are believing on auspicious times. So majority of them are looking for name by using some particular letters. But actually, it’s not too easy to find a perfect name by any particular letter, in the internet. However, our Babata Namak Sinhala will help you to find some of meaningful Sinhala baby names.

But however, you should keep in mind some important tips before choosing a name. They are; uniqueness of the name, ancestry and heritage of the baby, meaning, initials and nicknames of the baby. For example; if you select a name (unique name) no one has heard of and can’t pronounce, it can draw unwanted attention. But remember, none of these are hard-and-fast rules. The most important criteria for a name is simply that you and your partner like it. So, keep them in mind and go through our beautiful Sinhala baby name collection.

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